Why Shellac?

Shellac is just like a polish, rich and lush and lasts up to 2 weeks, what I love about Shellac is that there is zero drying time as it is UV cured. The results are high gloss and truly addictive.

Before booking on the course I completed some research to ensure I was choosing the best product. From researching into the available products it came down to being between Shellac and Gelish Harmony. Both products are good quality and are similar in application - Shellac is cured with a UV lamp and Gelish Harmony can be cured with either a UV or LED lamp. In the beauty industry Shellac is generally considered to last longer than Gelish Harmony.

To really get an understanding of both products I had both treatments to get a first-hand experience before I booked my course. I found that when Shellac is applied it is thinner on the nail, which I liked, and that combined with the longer wear time. Shellac is my choice and I find it truly addictive.

Crawley Shellac Nail Polish Comparison Scorecard