Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shell Massage Crawley

The Lava Relax Massage uses heated lava shells providing a deep penetrating heat massage to promote extreme relaxation, reduce stress and eliviate tight, tense muscles.

Lava Shells Massage 60 mins

Indulge in a lava shell massage that gives time to pamper the whole body in this deeply relaxing treatment. During the massage the warm shells are worked in slow deep movements to ease away stress, knots and tension. The treatment will cover the back, neck and shoulders, followed by legs, feet, arms and palms in a wonderfully tranquil experience.

Lava Shells Back Massage 30 mins

Focus on destressing in this lava shell massage that concentrates on the pressure points and tension areas. Melt away any stress and relax as the warm shells glide over the back neck and shoulders as the stiffness and knots are worked away by the warm shells.